Men looking for a loving partner are in luck as a new dating site has been launched – but only for those with enough wonga to own a supercar.

Guys owning pricey luxury motors such as Lamborghinis, Ferraris and Porsches can sign up to the Supercar dating site, where ladies list their top sets of wheels in a bid to obtain a loaded lover.

The site,, aims to put “fine living companions” in the passenger seat next to rich single gentlemen.

Site creator Sangeeth Segaram – who drives a Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 – came up with the initiative because he said he couldn’t find a genuine date despite being a well-off property developer – and he found his peers had similar problems too.

“High Performance car owner chaps I spoke to were single due to lack of time efficient alternatives to conventional dating. Meeting people outside one’s social circle is often difficult.

“Women I spoke to also found that men on wealthy dating sites often pretend to be well-off and lacked common interests.

“ aims to introduce people to others who share a mutual passion for high octane experiences within a dating arena.”

But Sangeeth believes once the turbo-induced thrills are over, it’s all down to the personality of the potential match to work out whether a date was a hit or not.

Membership applications are open to UK and EU residents. For more details visit


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