When Only Motors goes on a film shoot we are always slick and professional. Or at least, we try to be. It doesn’t always work out like that.

Sometimes, someone fluffs a line, or loses the cameraman. Or a car drives through the shot. Or the guest forgets to unlock his car when we want to film him getting into it.

In our defense, though, wouldn’t life be really boring if everything went smoothly all the time?

It’s these little moment that brighten our day and we hope they brighten yours, too, as you watch The Outtakes Show 3.

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Graham King is the web editor which basically means if it's on this site and it looks great then he had a lot to do with it. If it looks rubbish then that was done on the one day a year he had off. As a quiet man who loves everything about cars, Graham is not known for his talking or walking which is actually kind of ironic because his name appears in both words. Currently you will find him clicking on a mouse vigorously and uploading his passion all over the site.

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