This is the 666bhp Lister LFT-C

Reborn British supercar maker Lister unveiled its limited-run, Jaguar F-Type-based LFT-666 Coupe last year. It seems some people were after an open-topped version and they’ve been obliged with this, the Lister LFT-C.

It looks like the LFT-C will be just as much of a monster as its coupe sibling. It’s based on the F-Type R, already a raucous beast. But Lister turns the 5.0-litre, supercharged V8’s wick up to 666bhp.

That drops the 0-62mph time to the low threes, and ups the top speed to 205mph. Followed by a wall of baritone V8 bellow.

The running gear is beefed up to cope, with massive brakes and adjustable suspension.

Lister also tweaks the styling, adding a new front bumper with huge grille and splitter, rear diffuser, spoiler and stretched rear wheelarches. All rendered in carbonfibre. The wheels are Lister’s own design, too.

Inside, every surface is trimmed in ultra-plush Bridge of Weir leather. There are no limits on how much the LFT-C can be bespoked to the owner’s wildest wishes, either.

In it’s original form, Lister built ferociously fast sports racing cars, powered by a Chevrolet V8 or Jaguar XK straight-six. Despite massive success, the enterprise only lasted a few years in the Fifties. It was revived in the Eighties as a creator of wildly-tuned Jaguar XJS’s, then again in the Nineties with the Storm GT1 racer.

Father and son team Andrew and Lawrence Whitaker bought the remains of Lister in 2013, lauching a ‘continuation’ series of the iconic Lister Knobbly racer. Clearly they thought offering fully-built tuned Jaguars was the logical next step.

Just ten examples of the LFT-C will be built for the not-unreasonable price of £139,000 – before options, obviously. It even comes with a seven-year warranty.

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By Graham King

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