Top 5 cars from 2016 Detroit Motor Show

The unveilings have been gone and there have been many cars for us petrolheads to feast our eyes on this week as manufacturers descended on Detroit for the first motor show of the new year.

Here are just a few of the stars from Detroit.

Lexus LC 500

The 2017 LC 500 is Lexus’ showcase for their future. The signature grille and the potent V8 engine are still present, however the design and the engineering are what separates this from any other Lexus. Lexus stated that the majority of the time spent making the LC went into engineering. Not only do they want to make a beautiful car but they want to make the car handle better too.

The styling and engineering were apparently developed hand-in-hand. If that’s the case the great looks should result in a great drive.

Volvo S90

Now we knew this car was coming from before the turn of the year. Yet still we’re just as impressed with the Volvo S90 saloon. The S90 follows on from the award winning Volvo XC90 which is rather incredible.

Its unique style and premium quality to the market bring the S90 right into battle with Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Jaguar and even Maserati. The premium build, impressive interior quality, exterior styling and strong powertrain options are more than enough for this characteristic vehicle to win people over and the semi-autonomous drive feature, Pilot Assist showcases that Volvo also have the tech to battle with the big boys.

Buick Avista

The Buick Avista is a 2+2 sports coupe that houses a 400 hp, twin-turbocharged V6 powering the rear wheels. Need we say anymore?

The stunning concept features a large yet, elegant grille, sharp “wing-shaped” headlights and delightful flowing lines. It’s very un-Buick like and we really like it.

Buick state that the elegance of the Avista concept design is a showcase of how future Buicks will appear. We hope that is the case as Buick work very closely with Vauxhall/Opel over here in Europe so if that design language translates throughout the extended family we could see more of that delightful design.

Lincoln Continental

It appears that a few American manufacturers are doing what they can to erase the past few decades of uninspiring cars from their factories.

Lincoln haven’t really made much noise over the past decade. It was only the past few years they have made a little more noise with the addition of a fairly handsome crossover to their lineup. Now they’ve continued down this strong design path with the Lincoln Continental, their flagship vehicle which is back after over a decade.

The all-new Continental features a new 3.0L twin-turbo V6 that produces 400 hp and 400 lb-ft of torque. Inside the new Continental there is a horde of technology and luxury with 30 way adjustable seats inspired by private jets, audio controls, climate controls, sunshades and reclining, heated, cooled and massaging seats both in the front and the rear.

On top of that it is stunning. Almost Jaguar XJ stunning.

Infiniti Q60 Coupe

Again, another handsome car from a company on the rise. Infiniti are not a household name just yet but are doing the right things to get themselves some attention.

The Q60 Coupe features a 3L twin-turbo V6 that comes with in a headline grabbing 400hp guise. Lesser powerful versions come in the form of a 300hp version of the 3L twin-turbo V6 and a 2L four-cylinder turbo that produces 208hp.

All engines deliver power through a seven-speed automatic transmission and the power goes through the road via Infiniti’s rear-biased Intelligent All-Wheel Drive. Order books open this summer.

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