TVR to start taking deposits ahead of 2017 launch

Revived British sports car maker TVR has announced that it will start taking deposits for its new car on 7 July, ahead of the launch 2017.

The move comes earlier than anticipated after a huge amount of enquiries were submitted following the revelation that the new car is being designed with input from Gordon Murray and will be powered by a Cosworth-built V8 engine.

TVR said in a statement that the decision to start taking deposits “has been made as a direct result of the huge, positive, public reaction generated by announcement that the company will launch the incredible new car.”

There isn’t much information on exactly what the new car will be like. We do know it will follow TVR tradition as a lightweight, rear-wheel-drive, two-seater sports car with supercar-baiting performance. The specification is likely to be pared-back, though whether current legislation allows them to be airbag, ABS and traction control free as the old cars were remains to be seen.

It is understood the car will be built using the iStream construction method invented by Gordon Murray Design. It uses a tubular frame with composite panels bonded in for extra strength, requiring significantly less infrastructure than traditional manufacturing processes.

What the car will look like is anyone’s guess. But TVR is keen to attract marque aficionados, so the styling could well be influenced by TVRs of old.

John Chasey, Operations Director of TVR, said: “We’ve been totally blown away by the reaction to the new car. Our phone lines and online enquiry system went into meltdown when the news was announced, and we decided that we must begin to bring a structure to the enquiries and build a delivery pipeline well in advance of production.

“Volumes in year one will be limited as we ramp up production,  so this allows us to reward those individuals prepared to make a financial commitment at this early stage.”

Production numbers around the 1,500 mark are targeted, a similar volume to TVR’s peak in the early 2000s.

TVR has a long and protracted ownership history. It is currently owned by an investor group headed by entrepreneur and occasional racer Les Edgar, and including many well-heeled TVR enthusiasts, who bought it two years ago from Russian business boy Nikolai Smolenski. In its previous form TVR closed in 2005 after only a few years of Smolenski’s tenure, during which he pretty much ran it into the ground.

Currently based in Guildford, TVR is seeking a production facility in the UK. Though buyers will purchase their car direct from the factory, a network of sales and service agents is being developed, including many former TVR franchise holders and marque specialists.

A deposit of £5,000 will secure one of the first cars off the production line. Prices are expected to be in £50 – £60,000 range. A 50 per cent discount is being offered to long-term members of the TVR Car Club, ostensibly to mark its 50th anniversary but also a very clever way of keeping the die-hards on side.

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