UK’s Most Reliable Motors

What are the UK’s most reliable motors?

Well, according to Warranty Direct’s UK Reliability Index, which surveys their 50,000 live policies – Japanese is best.

The UK Reliability index, takes into account all factors of a repair, the cost of the parts and the frequency of failures.

Most interestingly Daihatsu came top, with a reliability index of 37.00. This is even more interesting, especially when you consider that Daihatsu models haven’t been sold in the UK since 2011.

Next on the list is Honda, who has proved that cutting-edge technology hasn’t come at the expense of reliability.

Suzuki comes in third place, which shows that although their models might not always be interesting to look at, they’re mechanically robust.

The odd one out, in an otherwise Japanese first seven, is the recently discontinued Chevrolet brand in the UK. Especially when you consider that Vauxhall cars, which use similar mechanicals are all the way down at number 21.

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