bad drivers

Bad Drivers caught on camera for you to watch until your hearts content..

AMG driving display goes badly wrong

AMG driving display goes badly wrong

What better way for AMG to demonstrate the speed and agility of its latest cars than with a spectacular, high-speed driving display? These events aren't unusual and have a set routine that is performed by wh... read more....
Never take a selfie while driving

Never take a selfie while driving

The headline says it all, really. If you're busy trying to get the right shot with a selfie stick-mounted GoPro, you'll probably miss that you're about to drive into the back of a pick-up with a canoe hanging o... read more....
Tipper lorry crashes into motorway sign

Tipper lorry crashes into motorway sign

We're not entirely sure how it's possible to drive a tipper lorry with the tipper bit tipped at high speed along a motorway, but it is. You would think there would be some sort of alarm in the cab, but just a simple glance in the side mirror would tell even th... read more....
Jet Mini Cooper

Jet-powered Mini crashes during demo

A Time Attack event at Snetterton was disrupted when a jet-powered Mini Cooper crashed during a demonstration run. According to Autosport the Cooper was heading in the wrong direction at low speed in order to t... read more....
Chevrolet Camaro crash

Idiotic Chevrolet Camaro driver causes crash

We've seen many displays of idiotic driving, but this Chevrolet Camaro driver really takes the biscuit. Barging his way through freeway traffic, he gets caught between a pick-up and a lorry. Admittedly, the pick-up driver doesn't exactly help matters, match... read more....
Range Rover Evoque

Range Rover Evoque flies off bridge

This footage may look like rushes from the set of an action movie but is, in fact, 100 per cent real. The Range Rover Evoque took the approach to a bridge too fast and understeered into the sloped end of a c... read more....