driving skills

A collection of videos surrounding outstanding driving and the behind the scenes of any stunts and productions

World's fastest JCB digger

World’s fastest JCB digger

If you've ever been stuck behind one, you'll know that backhoe loaders (to use the technical term) are not exactly fast. Most JCB diggers and their ilk will only do about 30mph absolutely flat out. So you mi... read more....
Arrows F1 car

Old Arrows F1 car monsters track day

The Arrows A22 was definitely not the fastest Formula 1 car on the grid in 2001. Jos Verstappen picked up a best finish of sixth - in a race with 11 finishers - while Enrique Bernoldi was dogged by reliability ... read more....
V8 Supercars

V8 Supercars two wheel action

This weekend the Australian-based V8 Supercars series, possibly the most spectacular touring car category in the world, visits Surfer's Paradise on the Gold Coast of Queensland. Running through the streets o... read more....

Ride on board a LaFerrari at 213mph

The LaFerrari Is about as mental as it's possible for a car to be at the moment. It has a 6.3-litre, naturally aspirated V12 engine that produces 789bhp and 516lb/ft of torque by itself. But that immense amoun... read more....