Want to own a sports car company? Avocet is up for sale

Do you dream of builder your own car but want to sidestep the expensive, complicated design and development bit?

Worry not, because there’s now the opportunity to buy the rights to the Avocet. The what? It’s a track-focussed, mid-engined sports in a similar vein to the Zenos and Caterham, designed by MMI.

The Avocet uses an aluminium honeycomb chassis, with power coming from a 2.0-litre Ford engine – though other powertrains will fit, apparently, including hybrid drive. The body is a single piece of moulded composite material.

MMI claims the Avocet is fully developed and production ready. Boss Martin Miles said: “We have done everything we set out to do – and more.  The result is that Avocet is now a highly competitive car which combines a stylish, ultra-lightweight two-seater body with exceptional chassis dynamics and awesome performance. And we have achieved that whilst still retaining our base model price ambition of sub-£30,000.”

The designs, datapacks, production and intellectual property rights are included in the sale of the Avocet project. MMI hasn’t revealed exactly why it is now on the market, Miles simply saying: “Now is the right time for the project to move on.” MMI might have run out of money, or it may never have intended to put the car into production.

Some highly experienced people have been involved with the Avocet, including race car builder Ray Mallock and former Lotus technical chief Colin Spooner, while Caterham Technologies advised. MMI even went as far as studying the viability of 3D-printing the body or even the entire car.

The market for track day cars, especially at the more affordable end of the spoectrum, is booming at the moment. If the Avocet lives up to the claims, there could be space for it. But it needs someone willing to take a very big risk to put it into production.

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